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Texas Buildmart Store and What We Offer

Texas Buildmart Store. 2-5 Day Shipping and Delivery Linear Slot Diffusers 1-2-3 Slots & Matching Plenum Boxes - Standard Linear Slot Diffusers - 100% Aluminum - No Corrosion - Easy to Clean and Install

We started 20 years ago when a small construction company called Skuadra Developers ran into an issue. Skuadra Developers couldn’t find any AC Vent Covers that they legitimately wanted to install in the Modern Homes they were building. Skuadra Developers came to Texas Buildmart with the idea to create New AC Vent Covers that they would be proud to install in their new homes.

Skuadra Developers quickly had their competition asking for their New AC Vent Covers and couldn’t handle all the requests and run a successful construction business at the same time. They decided to create a partnership with Texas Buildmart Store so that Texas Buildmart Store would sell the Vent Covers and they would get a small percentage.

Texas Buildmart Store already sold lots of building supplies and modern looking fixtures for the home but saw large potential in this new product.

Texas Buildmart Store wanted to market theses new AC Vent Covers without forgetting about all the other products they were selling so they created another company that would only focus on the new AC Vent Covers. Texas Buildmart Store saw the need in the market for these Vent Covers and began to focus specifically in the AC Vent Covers market for great quality linear ac vent diffusers and modern looking standard ac vent covers.

From the beginning we at Texas Buildmart Store found it wrong that New Homes and modern styled buildings were still using 1950's styled ac vent covers. We decided to try and fill that need with products we would want in our own homes. Texas Buildmart Store started making modern looking HVAC AC vent covers, linear slot diffusers, standard linear slot diffusers and even linear diffuser plenum boxes for residential and commercial buildings.

At first, the growth was slow and it felt as if we were the only ones that thought our products were great. We almost gave up after 5 long years of trying our best to get the word out but there was only a small response. Then in year six, after lots of help from builders, designers and shows, and lots of determination from our employees to let people know about our AC Vent Covers, we started to see a good response from builders and designers. 

Ten years after launching, Texas Buildmart Store it has been a ride, we were selling to contractors, vendors, builders and designers – everything was looking good. However, we started getting a lot of homeowners asking about our products, and how they wanted our AC Vent Covers without having to go through a builder, they wanted to be able to do it on their own. After many months of contemplating and brainstorming how we can sell this to the average homeowner, we finally figured it out and decided that Texas Buildmart Store would be a company that served both Residential & Commercial. We set a benchmark for ourselves to make all our products have the durability to withstand any commercial environment, while still making it easy to install for the average homeowner.

In 2016, after revamping our products and company to be not only targeted to contractors, builders and designers, we created www.TexasBuildmartStore.com to have a platform where the average homeowner could have a place to purchase new AC Vent Covers for their home. This was a huge risk for us as a company because we had no idea if this would work but we did it anyways. After 2 years we didn’t see a huge response but then one day, we started to see a growth in people visiting TexasBuildmartStore.com to which we at first thought it was a glitch because the growth was so sudden. We began to invest more into our website after seeing the growth of the site and www.TexasBuildmartStore.com saw a good response.

Fast forward to today and we have been very fortunate to see a continued increase in growth from awesome customers just like you who were saying "We Want More!" and so we listened. After 3 generations of AC Vent Covers, we are now in our newest line of Linear Diffusers which is our 4th Generation of AC Vent Covers and Texas Buildmart Store is proud to say we have over 100 products that are all made of the highest quality, all In-Stock and Ready to Ship with an estimated arrival time of 2-5 Business Days.

We prefer to call our products Linear Slot Diffusers, and Standard Linear Slot Diffusers but you can call our products however you prefer, whether you want to call them air vent diffusers, linear air vent covers, modern air vent covers, modern ac vent covers, linear air vent grilles, returns and registers, ac vent covers, adjustable air conditioning vent covers, air conditioner vent covers, air diffuser hvac vent covers, air return grilles, air vent covers, ceiling vent covers, central air vent covers, decorative air vent covers, decorative ceiling vent covers, decorative vents, decorative wall grilles, decorative wall vent covers, floor register covers, floor registers, floor vent covers, heating registers, hgtv dream home vent covers, hgtv sweepstakes vent covers, hvac vent covers, linear grills, metal floor registers, metal vent covers, aluminum vent covers, property brothers vent covers, register covers, register vents or just plain vent covers, etc. As long as you know www.TexasBuildmartStore.com offers square sized return vent covers, single slot, double slot ac vent covers and linear slot diffusers, we’re happy. We’re here to help!